SewnUpByJen Ethics

Plastic - As an eco-friendly company SewnUpByJen limits the use of plastic wherever possible. When plastic is needed it is only used as a last resort or if no other alternatives are available. 

Packaging - All items are packaged in card boxes and eco friendly tissue paper with recycled paper product cards and biodegradable stickers inside

​Fabric and Thread - Printed fabrics are sourced from independent UK fabric shops and are always 100% cotton. Organic cotton used is unbleached and undyed with no harsh chemicals used. Bamboo towelling is made from 90% bamboo and 10% polyester - this is the highest bamboo count currently available. Over the next year we will be gradually changing out thread to natural and recycled materials.

Suppliers - Wherever possible SewnUpByJen endeavors to support other independent, eco friendly businesses.

Waste - We aim to keep waste to an absolute minimum. Offcuts of fabric are used to make other items and the smallest offcuts of cotton and bamboo are collected and used as stuffing inside other products and projects.

Jen is committed to reducing her environmental footprint wherever possible and strives to be constantly evaluating how to improve this further.