Reviews and Testimonials

I bought this wheat and lavender eye pillow for my sister in law. They are supposed to have a number of benefits, including helping with headaches. I wont pretend to know the science behind it but my SIL said it shifted her 2 day migraine. Jen is passionate about the environment & about substituting single use items with better alternatives. I love her range of products. 

Michelle (April 2021)

Had a flare up of Reynaud's, Pretty bad. Shoved these bad boys (pocket hand warmers) in the microwave and its fixed the issue so quickly. Literally love them.

Harriet (March 2021)

I love my new cotton rounds, Amazing quality, so happy I finally ordered some. 

Angharad (March 2021)

'I am in love with my lavender eye pillow. Not only is the Liberty fabric beautiful, but it's also so effective.  I used it for 20 minutes after a bath and felt like i had been on a spa day, I was so relaxed!'

Sarah (March 2021)

'I can highly recommend SewnUpByJen's eye pillows and cotton rounds, they are absolutely divine, Looking forward to an appointment with my lavender eye pillow later, thank you for making such beautiful things' 

Sarah (February 2021)

'I've tried a fair few sets of reusable pads and these are the softest yet and have a little slot for your fingers. Great quality and they come with their own bag for washing.'

Tash (February 2021)

'We love your face coverings, I picked up a couple on Saturday and we were so pleased with them that I have placed an order today. They are so well made and you offer fun fabrics which adds a little something to our day. Thank you, PS our cocker spaniel Roxy is your number one bandana fan.'

Angela (February 2021)

'Thank you Jen for this lovely eye pillow, Such quick service too. Cant wait to gift it to my friend for her birthday which i know she'll love'

Trish (January 2021)

'Sewn up by Jen is the epitome of what it means to be a small business. I too share her passion for eco friendly products and reducing plastic waste so it was so refreshing to discover her shop. When you shop with Jen you don’t just get the product you ordered you get a personal service that is of the upmost quality. You feel like every delivery has been created with so much care, attention and perfection. From the eco friendly packaging to the stunningly beautiful items, you are assured everything has been fully thought out and made with the consumer at the forefront. A pleasure to buy from.'

Harriet (December 2020)

'I have to give a special thank you to Jen for making me these beautiful reusable breast pads. They are just amazing, so comfortable and soft' 

Jenna (October 2020)

'I really recommend these face masks. I received mine yesterday and they are by far the best ones I have bought. Thicker and way more professional than the other 3 people I have brought from. They have metal nose bands to fit tightly to your face and a pocket for you to add filters if you wish. I wore it today and it was very comfortable and I could breathe well'

Lucy (September 2020)

'Absolutely love your beautiful face coverings. Thank you for the lovely little care card and spare nose strips. The fabrics are even more beautiful than the picture - you are so talented. Great website too ... just the beginning for ‘SewnUpByJen’

Eileen (July 2020)