Give the gift of self care this Mother's Day

Organic Buckwheat & Lavender Eye Pillow
Eye pillows are a simple, powerful and accessible healing tool which can trigger deep relaxation and tranquillity. Made up of a small cotton pillow filled with buckwheat and lavender, they can be placed over the eyes and forehead. Research shows that using an eye pillow for just 10 minutes a day can significantly reduce levels of stress and help calm the body. The buckwheat filling contours to the shape of the face and exerts a gentle pressure on the eyelids. This stimulates the vagus nerve, sending calming signals down the back of the neck towards the shoulders, chest, heart and stomach, allowing the mind and body to let go and relax.
Read more about the benefits of eye pillows in the blog post here

Other Gift Ideas

Reusable Make up remover pads
These are an eco friendly alternative to disposable pads, helping to reduce single use plastic and waste. They are suitable for use on the eyes, face and neck to remove dirt and make up or to apply skin creams and oils.
Lavender & Buckwheat Heat Bags
Filled with organic buckwheat and Yorkshire lavender wheat bags are an eco friendly alternative to hot water bottles and ice packs. They can be used to provide natural pain relief, soothing warmth and comforting relaxation.
Self Care Gift Boxes 
This box is designed with items in mind to help you relax, unwind and practice a little self care.
Box Includes: SewnUpByJen Organic Buckwheat and Lavender eye pillow, SewnUpByJen Hanging Lavender Pouch, Manchester Soap Company Botanical Bath Salts

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