Set of 3 Organic Muslin Facecloths

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Set of 3 double layer Muslin facecloths.

The facecloths are perfect for cleansing the face or for taking off beauty treatments including facemasks. The muslin fabric is GOTS certified organic and completely free from chemicals as it is undyed and unbleached. 

The netted texture of organic muslin gently exfoliates your skin and opens up pores allowing for a deeper cleanse. 

The cloths can be used as a hot towel treatment by soaking in hot water and laying across the face. It is great for anyone with sensitive skin and helps open up the pores, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil too. 

Rinse with warm water after each use, wash at up to 60 degrees and air or line dry. Cloths measure 30cmx30cm however some shrinkage will occur during the first few washes. Washing at a lower temperature will help with this.