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This box is designed with items in mind to help you relax, unwind and practice a little self care.

Box includes:

SewnUpByJen Organic Buckwheat and Lavender eye pillow 

SewnUpByJen Hanging Lavender Pouch 

Manchester Soap Company Botanical Bath Salts

Eye Pillows - Eye pillows  can be used hot, cold or at room temperature to soothe tired eyes, help with headaches & insomnia and focus attention during meditation & yoga. The soothing pillow encourages calm, relaxation and rest. Read more about eye pillow benefits here

Lavender BagsResearch shows lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety, ease the nervous system, sooth migraines and release muscle cramps. Inhaling this particular scent can also influence the brain chemicals involved in controlling sleep.  

Botanical Bath SaltsMade in a sustainable way and using all natural materials by The Manchester Soap Company. Himalayan Pink Salt containing over 80 minerals and trace elements aids your body's natural detoxification process and helps to improve skin conditions and soothe sore muscles. Epsom Salt helps to relieve tired and aching muscles whilst Dead Sea Salt contains powerful minerals to cleanse, detoxify and restore balance to your skin.

 About the packaging - All gift boxes are made from recycled card, with wood wool made from waste wood materials. Items are wrapped in recycled, dye free tissue paper and sealed with a biodegradable sticker. The outside of the box is stamped with eco friendly, vegan ink.